Kaf haa yaa ain saad ka wazifa

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Waf-tah lana fi-innaka khayrul fatiheen. War-hamna fi-innaka khayrur-rahimeen. War-zuqna fi-innaka khayrur-raziqeen. Aid us,for You are the best of those who aid. And open for us, for You are the best of those who open. And forgive us, for You are the best of Forgivers.

And have mercy upon us, for You are the best of those who Show Mercy. And provide for us, for You are the best of Providers. Then 1st. Recite unsurna and open small finger 2nd. Wahdina wanajjina minal qawmidh-dhalimeen. And grant us a fair wind according to Your Knowledge and waft it upon us from the Treasures of Your Mercy. Wa kul-lana sahiban fi safarina wa khaleefatan fi ahlina.

Freeze them in their places so that they are unable to go or to come against us. Innaka laminal mursaleen. Li tunzira qawmam-ma undhira aabaa-uhum fahum ghafiloon. You are indeed among the Messengers. On a straight way. Sent down by the All-Powerful, the Merciful. So that you may warn a people whose forefathers received no admonition and who therefore remain heedless. The Word has been proved true against the greater part of them, for they do not believe.

Behold, We have placed yokes around their necks so that their heads are forced up. Shaahatil wujooh. May their faces be deformed! Ha meem. Baynahuma barzakhul-la yabghiyan. Pardoner of sin, Accepter of penitence, terrible in retribution, The Bountiful.

Ya-Seen, our roof. Fi lawhim-mahfoodh. Fallahu khayrun hafidhaw-wa huwa arhamur-rahimeen. Audhu bi kalimatillahit-taammati min sharri ma khalaq. And Allah is watchful of what you do. It shows that their pretext is sham. The true believers will be rewarded, the hypocrites punished other verses:.

That Allah may reward the true men for their truth, and punish the hypocrites if He will, or relent toward them if He will. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. On the day when their faces are turned over in the Fire, they say: Oh, would that we had obeyed Allah and had obeyed His messenger!It is narrated that Prophet Isa a.

When he passed the same place after some time, he noticed that the Mercy and Blessings of Allah S. He was surprised at this and asked Allah S. When he died, his wife was pregnant and soon gave birth to a son. Imam Ali Ridha a. In the same narration it is written that if this Surah is recited 70 times on any part of the body that is paining, the pain will surely go away.

In fact, the power of this Surah is so great that it is said that if one were to recite it 70 times over a dead body, you should not become surprised if that body starts moving ie.

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Surah al-Fatihah is a cure for physical and also spiritual ailments. Without this Surah, even the daily prayers are incomplete. It is indeed a great treasure that has been given to us by Allah S. Shaitan will not come close to him and he will not be from those who forget Allah S. In this Surah, there are a total of verses and it was revealed in Madinah.

The Prophet S has also recommended this Surah for those women who are not able to conceive. The Surah should be written using saffron and then given to her to wear as a talisman and by the Will of Allah S.

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The Imam a. This Surah was revealed in Madinah and has a total of verses. It is narrated from the Holy Prophet S that whoever recites this Surah, he will get a reward equivalent to ten times the number of Jews and Christians alive in the world, and will be forgiven the same amount of sins and will be raised in status by the same amount. This Surah was revealed in Makkah and contains a total of verses.

Imam Ridha a. These angels will ask forgiveness from Allah S. He will not loose his health or fall sick. The 6th Holy Imam a. If people knew the benefits of reciting this Surah, they would never leave it.

The Holy Prophet S has said that there will be a veil between the reciter of this Surah and Iblees on Judgement day and the reciter will be in the company of Prophet Adam a.

Writing this Surah with rose water and saffron and keeping the writing at all times ensures safety from enemies and wild animals.

This Surah was revealed in Madinah and it has 75 verses. This Surah contains the verse about khums, which is the right of the Ahlul Bayt. The Holy Prophet S. Keeping Surah al-Anfaal in your possession at all times ensures that you get your rights that have been taken from you and your legitimate desires are fulfilled.Allah bless u Allah Bless u Ma Sha Allah Your blog has it all encompassed.

Jazakallah Khair. I was desperately looking for such duas and you have it all encompassed it in your blog. Hope you continue to update it with more duas. Ramadhan Mumbarak to you all! Assalam wa alaikum. I just opened your blog and found that most of the supplication pics are not opening and no content is visible therefore. I am unable to view most of the supplications pics.

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Wanted to read them after Maghrib Salat. Kindly help. So God is sufficient for thee against them, for He hears all, knows all.

Wazifa to Fulfill Your Wish in One Night

Recite 3 times and blow on your palms and rub the plams all over your body before going to meet an unpleasant officer or person. He will give you a good treatment. If recited 7 times every morning and evening Allah will protect you againest all kinds of troubles. Abi Darda narrates that the Prophet pbuh said: "Whoever says in the morning and evening, Hasbiyallahu la ilaha illa huwa 'alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbul 'arshil 'adheem : Allah will suffice all his matters - [both] worldly and in the hereafter.

Also recited in Wird al-Latif of Imam al-haddad. Giving a small amount of sadaqah monthly is continuous giving which is most beloved deed before Allah.

سورة البقرة بصوت خاشع وجميل الشيخ رعد محمد الكردي وقراءآخرين

Everyday 70 problems come our way and Sadaqah is a shield to protect yourself and your family. The most beloved deed before Allah is that which is continuous, even if it is little. The constant giving of a little is said to please Allah more than the occasional gift of a lot.

Saqaqah washes your sins away: "Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire. It says 70 problems that is one is shielded from 70 problems with just a small amount of sadaqah. Recite ; Bismillahil ladhee la yadurru ma'asmihi shayun fil ardi wa la fis-samaa-i wahuwas-sami'ul 'aleem. Al-Tirmidhi and Abu Daud narrated that 'Uthman Ibn 'Affan said that the Prophet pbuh said: "Whosoever says: Bismillahil ladhee la yadurru ma'asmihi shayun fil ardi wa la fis-samaa-i wahuwas-sami'ul 'aleemthree times, no harm shall come to them.By razaviMarch 8, in Off-Topic.

This is a very enlightening extract i came across and would like to share with my bros and sisters in Faith, may Allah raise your ranks in ibaada. Imam replied. The incident is as follows: Prophet Zakariyah a. Whenever Prophet Zakariyah a. One day he asked Allah Almighty, "My Lord! When Prophet Zakariyah heard this he was so much grieved that for three consecutive days he refused to come out of his place of worship and did not permit people to meet him, and remained grief-stricken and wept profusely.

And he recited the following elegy: O Lord! Will you let the best of Creatures see the plight of his son? O Lord! Will you allow this disaster to fall upon his House-hold? Will you let Ali and Fatemah wear the dress of grief and will they witness this calamity"? He Prophet Zakariyah would always say, "O Lord! Bestow upon me with a son who would be the light of my eyes in my old-age, and when you present me with a son make my love intense for him and then let me taste the grief of his loss as Your Friend Mohammad s.

Thus Allah blessed Prophet Zakariyah a. Prophet Yahya a. That Prophet Adam a. When Prophet Adam uttered the name of Husain his eyes were filled with tears and his heart was pained. Adam told Jibra'eel. When I take the name of the fifth one among them, my eyes get filled with tears and my heart gets shattered. He will have no friend or helper. Would that you see him calling out: O thirst!

O loneliness! No one will answer his call except the swords and the rain of death, and he will be butchered like a sheep from the back of his neck.

And the enemies will rob the belongings from his tents, and his blessed head, while those of his companions, will be paraded on the points of lances in the cities in the midst of his imprisoned ladies.

kaf haa yaa ain saad ka wazifa

And it has been narrated from other trustworthy reports, that on the day of Eid, Imam Hasan a. Today is the day of Eid, and the children of Arabs have worn new and colourful clothes, while we do not have any new dress with us, hence we have come to you. The Prophet pondered over their state and wept that he did not have a dress with him suitable for them, nor did he desire to send them disheartened and with a broken heart.

He lifted his hands and prayed. Suddenly Jibra'eel descended with two white dresses among the dresses of Paradise. The Prophet was overjoyed and said.

Take these dresses which have been stitched by the tailor from Allah according to your sizes.

kaf haa yaa ain saad ka wazifa

Both the Imams saw that the dresses were white in colour and hence said, "O Grandfather! These are of white colour, how can we wear it, when the children of Arabs have worn colourful clothes"? The Prophet put his head down and started thinking about it when Jibra'eel said, "O Mohammad s.

Rejoice and cool your eyes. The powerful dyer of the Divine colour will fulfil their desire and make them happy by those colours which they desire.Bhai please grant me permission to fo this wazifa.

I even sent You an Email but didn't get any reply. Please give me permission Its very urgent. Assalam walekum Bhai plz ye batae ki kya her bar bismillah hirrahmannir rahim padhne ke baad 2rakaat mukammal nafil namaaz padhni hai salaam ke sath plz reply me.

Bhai nafal namaz may koi ni surah pardh skty ya koi khas surah pardhni hy. Bhai this is nothing but fooling muslims who are already in pain and trouble. If one recites tha above wazifa it will take him very long time to complete Then seek wasila of ahle baith specially beloved daughter bibi fatima of RasoolAllah and imam hassan and immam hussain and plead RasoolAllah to put a sight of mercy on you and recommend you. All this will take max. When you mention our prophets name or say rasool allah solle allahu alaihi vasallam dont ever forget to say solle allahu alaihi vasallam or atleast phub- peace be upon him.

Otherwise one would be termed as a Mardood it seems. Monday, February 8, Tweet Share Share Share Share. Previous Post. Next Post. Unknown March 5, at AM. Unknown May 12, at PM. Anonymous May 14, at PM. Unknown May 14, at PM. Anonymous July 21, at AM. Anonymous December 19, at AM. Anonymous March 26, at AM. Anonymous December 14, at PM.

kaf haa yaa ain saad ka wazifa

Tweets by BhaiHanfi.Here is the 'basic' and refined method that I hope even cavemen can understand: dragonspaw. Thanks a million! Regards, T. If that is the case why hiding it in a code my brother think wisely there is more to it.

Please nobody wants to kill christians. Islam is Peaceful, u know no muslim is muslim without believing in Gospel?

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I agree with the comment above. What a wonderful way to spread the message. I wish u well too, and may God enlighten us with guidance and knowledge to know the truth in our own hearts rather than what we want to see in other hearts. Religion is personal. Its betwen you and You God and nobody can change or alter that meaning.

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Thefact that ure looking for answers to diprove or prove something is reason enough to believe something is causing you to doto look for answers. May u succeed. QuranQuran Allah has given the knowledge of these letters to Prophet Zakariyya and the last Prophet, Muhammad al-Mustafa peace be upon them It is said that Prophet Zakariyya requested the Almighty to make him know the names of the people of the cloak.

By the order of Allah Archangel Gabriel approached him and taught him the names of the people of the cloak. Then one day after reciting Dua and prayer he asked Allah the reason of his crying by reciting the name Husayn. He could not come out from his place of worship and forbade people to come and see him. Grant me a son, I will prove myself as a truthful servant.

It is said that the earth and the heavens did not weep for anyone except Yahya and Imam al-Husayn. The sun lamented on their martyrdom. It became red like blood while rising and setting.

According to another tradition, it rained blood. If a white colored cloth was spread on the ground it might have become red, and blood started oozing from below the stones. I agree with falk and sarosh kamal.

And no muslim is muslim without believing gospel and tao te ching.Algamdu-lillaah brother, I've been referred here through a link from your other site deen islami'm amazed at all the work that has gone into it, and all the love and duaas.

So many of us can benefit from you in this way Algamdu-lillaah. What a beautiful explanation and commentary of Hizbul Bahr, keep up the good work and may we benefit from these dua's so that we can become closer to Allah and his messenger Sallalahu alaihi Wasalam.

If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. Bismillahir rahmanir raheem.

kaf haa yaa ain saad ka wazifa

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Anta rabbi, wa 'ilmuka hasbi, fa ni'mar-rabbu rabbi, wa ni'mal hasbu hasbi, tan-suru man tashaa-u wa antal 'azeezur raheem. Oh, Allah! Oh, Most High! Oh, Exalted! Oh, Gentle! Oh, All-Knowing! You are my Sustainer and Your knowledge is my sufficiency, how excellent a Sustainer is my Sustainer; how excellent a Sufficer is my Sufficer.

Nas-alukal 'ismata fil harakati was-sakanati wal kalimati wal iradati wal khatarati minash-shukuki wa-dhununi wal awhamis-satirati lil qulubi 'an mutala'atil ghuyub.

A Very Powerful Dua for Protection from All Harm

We ask of Your Protection in our movements and our stillness, in our words and our desires, and our thoughts; from the doubts and the suspicions and the illusions that veil our hearts from the perception of the unseen. Faqadib tuliyal mu'minoona wa zulzilu zilzalan shadeedan.

Wa idh "yaqulul munafiquna wal-ladheena fi qulubihim maradun ma wa'adanallahu wa rasuluhu illa ghurura. Fa thibbitna wan-surna wa sakh-khir lana hadhal bahr, kama sakh-khartal bahra li Musa, wa sakh-khartan nara li Ibrahim. Wa sakh-khartal jibaala wal hadeeda li Dawud. Wa sakh-khartar reeha wash-shayatina wal jinna li Sulayman. And You subjugated the fire to Abraham. And You subjugated the mountains and the iron to David. And You subjugated the wind and the Demons and the Jinns to Solomon.

Wa sakh-khir lana kulla bahrin huwa laka fil ardi was-samaa-i wal mulki wal malakut. Wa bahrad-dunya, wa bahral akhira.

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